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How You Can Learn How To Make Yoga Adaptive For Everyone

The practice of yoga means different things to different people. Some want to increase flexibility or improve vitality or cardio health while others want to create a sense of harmony between mind and body.

For me yoga is all of that and more. I depend on plenty of medications to manage my disease. I wanted to add more natural ways of healing to add to my wellness cocktail. That’s why I turned to yoga.

Finding the right yoga class wasn’t easy for me. I attended classes that were too strenuous, leaving me feeling angry and frustrated. I searched far and wide for the right class and instructor, a place where I’d feel comfortable knowing the instructor understood my individual needs.

In my search I often thought there should be more yoga instructors trained to teach adaptive yoga people with differing abilities.

That’s why I’m so proud that my amazing friends Mindy Eisenberg (founder of Yoga Moves MS) and Megan Weigel (co-founder of oMS Yoga) are offering a special two-day teacher training for yoga teachers, health professionals and caregivers who want to learn about and teach adaptive yoga. (NOTE: Click on Mindy and Megan’s names above to read past interviews with them.)


L to R: Megan, Cheryl, Mindy

Mindy and Megan, along with Megan’s oMS Yoga co-founder Cheryl Russell (a yogi who lives with MS) are presenting “Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body Teacher Training” in sunny Jacksonville, Florida on April 22-23. It’s their way of spreading the word that yoga needs to be inclusive for all abilities. How marvelous.

Please help me spread the word about this unique event by telling others about this incredible opportunity. I’d love to know that everyone, despite age or ability, had a choice for the kind of class they’re looking for, one that suits their specific needs. That thought makes me very happy.

If you’d like to attend this two day event please visit Adaptive Yoga’s Eventbrite page.

Read below for more information. Questions? Feel free to email Megan at or Mindy at



Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body Teacher Training
by Mindy Eisenberg, Megan Weigel, Cheryl Russell


Saturday April 22nd 8:00AM – 7:00PM
Sunday April 23rd 8:00AM – 3:00PM

Spend Earth Day in beautiful Jacksonville Beach, Florida at a weekend workshop to learn the fundamentals of teaching adaptive yoga to people with neuromuscular conditions. This training is appropriate for yoga teachers, physical therapists, occupational therapists and caregivers who wish to assist and enrich lives by providing adaptive yoga to individuals with neuromuscular conditions. Emphasis will be on MS, but training will also address yoga for those with Parkinson’s Disease and Spinal Cord Injury.

Yoga Moves MS and oMS Yoga are synthesizing their knowledge into a practical, creative, empowering, and fun training. Megan, Cheryl, and Mindy’s experience, together with their instructors, total over 40 years of working with individuals with neuromuscular conditons.

Participant qualifications

  • Completion of at least 200-hour Registered Yoga Alliance teacher training
  • Two years or more years of yoga instruction experience suggested, but not required
  • OR
  • Neuro-rehabilitation professionals, such as physical and occupational therapists and nurses with an interest in the benefits of yoga
  • Caregivers of people living with these conditions who have a fundamental knowledge of yoga and a regular practice

Adaptive Yoga Moves Any Body Teacher training participants will learn:

  • Basic understanding of nervous system and neuromuscular conditions in terms of types, symptoms, treatment options, and adaptations for yoga (MS, Parkinson’s Disease, Spinal Cord Injury, Degenerative Arthritis of the Spine)
  • Guiding principles of adaptive yoga for MS and neuromuscular conditions
  • How to apply adaptive yoga techniques to symptoms of neuromuscular conditions, with emphasis on MS (such as fatigue, weakness, impaired balance, rigidity and spasms, pain, anxiety, incontinence, and cognitive impairment)
  • How to apply mindfulness techniques to adaptive yoga curriculum, including how to cope with pain and anxiety
  • Essential components to an effective small group adaptive yoga classes
  • How to safely address and assist with transfers to and from a chair and yoga mat
  • How to assist adaptive students creatively and safely in and through asana
  • Lessons learned from experienced instructors
  • Competencies of an effective adaptive yoga instructor
  • How to create an empowering class that allows students to move outside of their perceived physical and mental boundaries

Practical experience during training

  • Creative, empowering and playful environment to explore adapting yoga poses
  • The ability to look through the lense of the adaptive yoga student
  • Increased confidence to teach adaptive yoga
  • Hands-on teaching and assisting practice with peers
  • Students with neuromuscular conditions will be present during training

Mentorship available upon request

Suggested preparation: National MS Society FREE online class for fitness and wellness Professionals, accessible here:

Class is eligible for 16 hours of continuing education credits for Registered Yoga Teachers through Yoga Alliance.




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5 thoughts on “How You Can Learn How To Make Yoga Adaptive For Everyone

  1. Helene Cohen Bludman

    This is a great opportunity to learn the techniques for adaptive yoga. So many of us can benefit from the expertise of these women. Bravo to Mindy and Megan and I hope they get a huge turnout!

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