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The World Doesn’t Know That Paul McCartney Was My Boyfriend

Paul McCartney was my first boyfriend.  Really.  I know it’s true because he first came to the United States in time to celebrate my fifth birthday.

Cathy Beatles Paul McCartney Birthday

Paul and Me
(Photo of Paul McCartney: By The_Fabs.JPG: United Press International (UPI Telephoto) Cropping and retouching: User:Indopug and User:Misterweiss derivative work: Zakke (The_Fabs.JPG) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons)

The year was 1964 and I heard rumblings, and seen photographs, of four mop-top British musicians who were heading to America.  I knew about them because as the youngest child I learned at an early age a lot about music (and a lot of other things) from my two older brothers who were crazy about music.

Of course, I followed their lead.

My mom was busy planning my birthday party, getting ready to make platters of tuna fish sandwiches and Velveeta dip with corn chips for me and my friends to gorge on.

She baked my favorite Duncan Hines white cake with chocolate frosting for dessert, and prepared games like pinata and musical chairs for us to play in our basement. Pin-the-tail-on-the-donkey was always my favorite.

But I was sure I knew what my real birthday present was going to be.  That angel faced guitar player, the one I’d seen somewhere over the past few weeks, was coming to my party.  Where had I seen him? Was it on television?  In a magazine?  I don’t remember, but his face stuck to my heart.

I clearly remember one bad in kindergarten while I was sitting next to my best friend, D.  It was time to get ready for snack time. We always made sure to run back to our chairs after stuffing our crayons and smocks into our assigned cubbyholes so we we could sit next to each other.

But this time was different.  After we took our seats, I announced I was going to make pretend Paul was sitting next to me.  Then it happened.  She proclaimed he couldn’t possibly sit with me because he would be sitting next to her.

How dare she.

Those were fighting words, and we began to argue back and forth and back and forth, until our kindergarten teacher had to separate us.

I knew I won the fight,  because Paul would only want to sit with me.

At my birthday party, D was still invited.  We had made up, mostly because  I knew I had won.  What was the point of staying mad at someone who could still choose between John, George or even Ringo?

She could come to my party, and we could remain best friends.

Paul McCartney Birthday Beatles 1964

My 5th birthday party, 1964

My birthday came and went, and my party was a smashing hit.

But, alas, there was no Paul.

Until the next night, when some old sourpuss looking man on a TV show announced it was going to be a very special night. I wasn’t paying too much attention, until I heard the deafening sound of a lot of screaming girls.

I looked at the TV, and there he was.  My angel-faced boyfriend, standing on a platform with three other guys, singing a song that melted my little girl heart.

Sigh. I knew I was right all along.  Paul McCartney did come to America to help me celebrate my birthday.  I forgave him for being a day late, but that didn’t matter.  There, in beautiful black and white, he was singing his way into my heart.

She loves you.  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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22 thoughts on “The World Doesn’t Know That Paul McCartney Was My Boyfriend

    1. Post author

      Yes, Claudia, how did we survive (so far) all of the junk food we grew up on and didn’t know any better?!? Is there any cheese at all in Velveeta? Ew.

      Thanks for reading my post and sharing your thoughts~

    1. Post author

      Yes, as a little girl I was in love. How long did it last? I can’t believe he married someone younger than us. He does look happy and I am glad – he deserves it and more!

      Thanks for your lovely thoughts, my friend~

    1. Post author

      Wasn’t it so much fun reading about everyone’s different Beatles memories? Plus the show last night was the icing on the cake. Loved seeing Paul. Could’ve done without Ringo, but that’s the way it goes.

      Thanks, Risa!

    1. Post author

      Do you mean Julie Newmar, Mike? I think every boy/man in American was in love with her. Who could blame them?

      Thanks for reading and enjoying my post!

      Best to you always~

    1. Post author

      Well, then it’s a good thing we weren’t friends in 1964, eh? Hey, he went out and married a woman younger than us. Hmm..(He does seem so happy, though!)

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts~

  1. Jennifer Wagner

    As much as enjoyed being the oldest child in many ways, not having an older sibling left me out of the loop music wise. I knew nothing about the Beatles coming to the U.S. (and I lived so closed to JFK, where they landed, we could hear the planes over our heads. I never had a crush on any of them (although it would have been Paul) because by the time I really got to know them they all had beards and when you are still not even a teen, that’s a bit much.
    Jennifer Wagner recently posted…The Beatles: Not Quite 50 Years of MemoriesMy Profile

    1. Post author


      I hope that somehow doesn’t bother you (I noticed you left a few messages saying that) but it’s not big deal. Really. You ended up loving them anyway, and THAT is what’s most important!

      Thanks for reading my post and sharing your thoughts~

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Lynne! If he sang only to me……the world would be a perfect place. But, alas…

      Thanks for reading my blog post.


    1. Post author

      Hey! Sorry,but Paul was taken by ME.

      Can you imagine having all of those girls lusting after him? Now we’re all midlifers, and then he went and married a beautiful woman….younger than us! Lucky girl.

      Thanks, Lois.

    1. Post author

      I can picture little Estelle dancing on her bed. We all did that, eh? Twist and shout!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts~

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