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Wordless Wednesday: Two Playbills and One Play, Forty Years Apart

In our collection of Playbills there are two from separate productions of “The Apple Tree.” They were performed forty years apart.  One starred the young, handsome pre-M*A*S*H Alan Alda; the other the adorable Kristin Chenoweth.

Playbills The Apple Tree Alan Alda

(Left to Right) Alan Alda, Barbara Harris, Larry Blyden, 1966

Playbills The Apple Tree

Kristin Chenoweth, 2006

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28 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Two Playbills and One Play, Forty Years Apart

    1. Post author

      My husband is really the saver, but since I adore Alan Alda I am glad I saved these. I keep them in a frame together and have it up on the wall in our basement, along with other movie, TV and Broadway paraphernalia. Fun!

    1. Post author

      You are more than welcome, Dana! My husband is really the saver, but I am glad I have these two that I saved because of Alan Alda.

      Thanks for your comments.

    1. Post author

      My husband is the saver, but because Alan Alda was in this production I am glad I have these.

      I am sure it wasn’t easy to throw out our Playbills!

  1. Sharon Greenthal

    My grandmother gave me over 500 playbills years ago to sell on ebay. She had playbills going all the way back to the 30’s! We made quite a bit of money, but saved the special and unique ones. This is a play I have never heard of.

    1. Post author

      Oh, I would have loved to see them, Sharon! I love reading the ads and about other plays that took place at the same theater. Except in the 30’s, how many could there have been? 🙂

      So glad you have so many special ones now.

    1. Post author

      Oh, that’s so cute, Lisa. Actually, I have our tickets from our first date at a Met game. Love is in the air for the Carpenter’s and Chester’s!

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman

    We have saved all of our Playbills, too. It is fun to look through them sometimes and recall all the magical shows we have seen. We saw Kristin Chenoweth in Wicked and Promises, Promises but really wish we had seen her debut with You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.

    1. Post author

      Yes, Helene, we saved a lot of them as well. Actually, Gary is the saver and these two were mine…for obvious reasons.

      I wish my parents saved the ones they saw from plays like the original Hello Dolly, Oklahoma, Carousel, Pajama Game, etc. Must have been an extraordinary time to see Broadway shows in the 40’s – 60’s.

    1. Post author

      I didn’t even know about Blacklist, Karen! I better google it. I am very bad about knowing new TV shows, but this one I’m going to take a look at. I also never saw him in The Big C.

      Thanks for letting me know!

    1. Post author

      Kristin is amazingly talented. What a bundle of energy in an adorable package.

      Alan? You know how I feel about him….

  3. Kathy Radigan

    Oh the Apple Tree! That play always reminds me of my aunt who I lost a few months ago. I love that you have both playbills!! I remember seeing Cats when it first opened on Broadway and saw Betty Buckley in the role, then 10 years later I went again, this time with my husband who had never seen it and I saw Liz Calloway, and I felt so fortunate to see two performers I loved do the same role! Happy Wednesday!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted…Turning PointsMy Profile

    1. Post author


      I am so very sorry about the loss of your aunt, Kathy, but am glad something as happy as a play brings back joyful memories of her.

      Honestly? I am probably the only person in the universe who never saw “Cats” and that is unbelievable considering what a cat person I am. How wonderful that you got to see it twice!

    1. Post author

      I am so glad you enjoyed it, Kelly!

      I don’t think there are many people who don’t care for Alan Alda!

    1. Post author

      Thanks. I am going to post another longer post about all of our Playbills today. Crazy about Broadway!

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts~

    1. Post author

      Oh, no! Well, you’ll just have to keep coming back to NY so we can go to a lot of plays, and we can start a new collection, Lois!

    1. Post author


      I loved and I OWN that movie (The Four Seasons) because I am crazy about it. I love when the Mercedes sinks in the water. So funny!

      I am so glad you enjoyed my post. Thanks for much for sharing your thoughts.

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