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Wordless Wednesday: I Believe In A Woman’s Right To Shoes

Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life.” 


March 2013
New York City

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13 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: I Believe In A Woman’s Right To Shoes

  1. Carolyn

    Oh, silly woman, everyone knows that shoes are fabulous but only chocolate can change your life 🙂
    Seriously, I have only begun to crave shoes. I love new running shoes, new heels. They feel sexy!

    1. Cathy Chester Post author


      Not silly! I simply categorize what I crave. Fashion? Shoes Food? Chocolate. I won’t get into the rest of my cravings here. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment. I toast my running shoes to yours, and race you to the piece(s) of dark chocolate we will consume together, virtually.


    1. Cathy Chester Post author

      Thanks, Lois! Maybe when you come to NYC we’ll do a little shoe shopping damage together.


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  3. Mary Murray

    Shoegasms are harder to find if you’ve got funny feet (does the box fit?). But really good card / stationery stores…. It’s a writing papergasm.

    1. Cathy Chester Post author


      Funny feet? The thing you must do is keep buying shoes…..go Shoegasm! You were meant to visit.

      Thanks for leaving your comment, Mary.


    1. Cathy Chester Post author


      I hereby give you permission to go shoe shopping. Lord knows you deserve it, my friend. Let me know when you are going; I’ll tag along with you (and of course buy some of my own.)

      Thanks for leaving your comments~

    1. Cathy Chester Post author


      Thanks for checking out all of the Wordless Wednesday bloggers. I love posting my photos. One picture DOES say a thousand words!


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