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You Have A Permanent Place In My Heart. Forever.

love the MS community that I speak to each day for their strength, courage and unconditional commitment to support one another. They have taught me so much. Our bond has become stronger lately as we deal with the most serious of issues, more than I can say. The only way I know how to process the hand that’s been dealt is through writing, so I wrote this piece of poetry for myself. I now share it with you. 



Time is fleeting.

In a mind’s eye I clearly see myself swimming back,
back upstream when the change of seasons was seamless,
the hours in a day were long,
and loved ones seemed immortal.

Skipping rope and slumber parties,
quickly changed,
when I gently closed my eyes, then opened them,
to see a new pink Princess phone,
bell bottomed jeans,
and books about teenage angst.

Days flow into years,
and years swiftly pass.
I try hard to hold on to the light,
to the peaceful places I love,
and the love and warmth that envelops me,
but still the night calls.

Time is transient,
and life is momentary.

So I close my eyes less,
to make each day longer,
and linger over every second,
as if it were my last.

I cherish the now,
Of you, of me and of us,
until we must say good-bye.

You have a permanent place in my heart.


47 thoughts on “You Have A Permanent Place In My Heart. Forever.

    1. Joan Kottler

      These are very touching and moving words Cathy.
      I do not have MS, so I do not know what it is like for you and others who live with this disease, but your words have given me a glimpse of what you have lost and gained from reaching to your community with the written word.
      I wish there was something I could do to make it all better, but that is fantasy.
      What I can do is stay connected by reading your Empowered Spirit and sharing it with others.
      Sending warm wishes, Joan

  1. Donna Hodos

    Cathy, thank you so much for this. The concept of “a permanent place in my heart” is both beautiful and powerful. And it brings such hope.

  2. Kit Minden

    Your words are beautiful. We travel with you to an easier place and time, and find that love was with us and still surrounds us.

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Such beautiful words, Cathy, filled with both sadness and hope. Your gifts to the MS community — and to the community as a whole — are suffused with your giving and generous spirit. Love to you.

  4. Wendy Koch

    Cathy, This poem is very moving and beautiful. I especially liked the lines: So I close my eyes less to make every day longer, and linger over every second as if it were my last.

    It’s certainly how I feel navigating my fifties… The horizon doesn’t seem as limitless as it did when I was younger, so I want to really savor and appreciate what’s left.

    Thanks for a lovely piece!

    1. Post author

      You caught my spirit, Wendy, and I’m so glad that you did. We are sharing a feeling that I assume many women feel at our age.

      It just saddens me to see vibrant women younger than us who are suffering from an illness that has caused other complications, and now have no good prognosis. So we hug each other a little tighter now, eh?

  5. Ruth Curran

    I loved this piece but I loved a comment you made above even more • writing slows down the now and is cathartic…. What a spectacular statement about how you approach challenges and makes me appreciate you even more…if that was even possible…. Thank you for the inspiration!!!!

    1. Post author

      Your reply is not only beautiful but brought a tear to my eye. I hope you know how much you mean to me, Ruth, and how special you really are. The world is blessed by having you, and I consider myself blessed from the first day I met you. How extraordinary. xo

      1. jmleady

        When I say that I am blessed it is sincere. Most of my adult life was spent as a LTC Adm/CEO; everyday I faced the residents with conviction to make their life better. Now semi-retired I can see the new perspective of being on the other side of the desk. That is the blessing of MS. Multisystem failure and MS are a daily challenge but it does not define me and with conviction, does not limit me from living everyday with a smile. Your site offers comfort, support and a place for a voice. Again, thank you ; Where I live there are no local resources for support, but there are people available by phone. I prefer the internet.

  6. Jackie

    i think that you more than a lot of people know that it’s not so much the years in your life as the life in those years. This poem captured that perfectly. It really is beautiful.
    Jackie recently posted…Fun in a BoxMy Profile

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