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The Magic of #GivingTuesday And The Healing Powers Of Horses

This is the first in a two part series for #GivingTuesday (December 2).  


I’m proud to be a social media ambassador for #GivingTuesday (December 2) for the second year in row. We have a day of thanks, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. #GivingTuesday is a global event, and a chance for everyone to make a choice to help others.


Please take a look at this video for a quick explanation of what #GivingTuesday is.

I’m using the power of my words, along with the help of social media, to create awareness about an extraordinary organization that rescues, rehabilitates and matches horses with people.

The Full Circle Equine Rehabilitation Center is where “horses and people help each other.” Its Founder, Cris Pemberton, helps semi-retired horses and ponies find their purpose by spending quality time with people who care and love them. Cris, along with the help of many passionate volunteers, finds that, “the healing power of horses can touch, uplift and enrich the community.


But the cost of caring for a horse is expensive, and many times she’s forced to turn down requests to take in horses who are old or physically/emotionally damaged. It breaks her heart to have to say no. If she had enough funds to say yes she’d be able to rescue and rehabilitate more and more beautiful horses.


Volunteers at Full Circle with the beautiful horse, Cayenne

Cris firmly believes in her mission of helping people in her community discover the magic of horses and therapeutic riding. She loves teaching others the proper skills of working with the rehabilitation and rescue programs offered at FCERC.

Through the help of generous donations from friends, family and the community Cris implemented a small scholarship program that grants one person at a time into the FCERC program.


Cris with Faith

But without the continued support of donations these programs can’t exist. Horses won’t be rescued and the community won’t receive the gift of healing from these beautiful animals.


The beautiful Angel

Please take a look at the Full Circle Equine Rehabilitation Center website for more details about FCERC’s programs to find out how you can help.

I’d like to thank Cris for the special work she is doing, and for reaching out to me through the #GivingTuesday website. It has been an honor to get to know her and FCERC.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: FCERC is incorporated in Washington State and is registered with the Washington State Charities Registry. Our Application for Recognition of Exemption under Section 501(c) 3 of the Internal Revenue Code was approved on July 31, 2014 effective February 26, 2013. FCERC is a Public Charity and, as such, contributions to FCERC are deductible. We are also qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2016 or 2522 of the Code.

Photo Credits: Photos of the horses are the sole property of Full Circle Equine Rehabilitation Center.

37 thoughts on “The Magic of #GivingTuesday And The Healing Powers Of Horses

    1. Post author

      Oh, thank you so much, Rena. Cris is a truly passionate woman and I, too, really hope this gets the word out. Such important work both for horses and people. I never rode a horse but would love to! Thanks for sharing, my friend.

    1. Post author

      I am so glad you have chosen a charity, Kathy, but I hope others will choose Full Circle as theirs. Rescuing horses? Near and dear to my heart. Training them to help “rescue” people? Priceless. Gorgeous animals friending and helping beautiful people. What a wonderful world, eh?

    1. Post author

      They reached out to me, Carol, when I posted a question about any animal rescue organizations that I could help on the #GivingTuesday website. They were the second one to respond, and I knew how healing horses can be. Many in the disability community and children with special needs have both benefitted from therapeutic riding. They are such gorgeous animals that my heart told me YES!!!

      Glad you enjoyed my post, and thanks so much for sharing it here and on G+. You are a gem.

    1. Post author

      You are right, Lisa. Regal is the perfect word for horses. I thank you for your kind words, and hope Cris receives a lot of attention. She is doing amazing work.

      Saving horses and helping others. Is there anything better? xo

  1. Cris Pemberton

    I wish to express how thankful the horses and people at Full Circle Equine Rehabilitation Center are for these kind and inspiring words. This is a truly amazing opportunity to grow our Circle as we strive to build and maintain a sustainable organization. Thank you Cathy for your love of all animals. I just know your powerful and heartfelt words have improved the lives of more animals and people then you can even begin to imagine.

    1. Post author


      I recited many blessings in my life in lieu of the Thanksgiving holiday, but best of all are your words and the knowledge that I might be able to help save even one beautiful horse. I hope you keep me posted. You are creating blessings every day.

      I am thankful that you reached out to me.


  2. Donna

    I was a part of a community effort to get a program like this started near my home. I have always known the healing power of horses. As my father would tell me there is nothing better for the inside of a person than the outside of a horse. I was saddened by the vilification Ann Romney received for the therapy she used for her MS with horses. so many people from so many walks of life have benefited from horses. So glad you wrote about it.

    1. Post author

      I have no recollection of Ann Romney being vilified, Donna. In fact equine therapy is very big in the MS community. Perhaps I blocked any negative comments out, but our community was wholeheartedly applauding her for bringing this issue to the forefront.

      I am so glad you were also part of a community effort for a program like Full Circle. Horses are beautiful and noble animals and deserving of rescue, and this kind of therapy should flourish.

    1. Post author

      Oh, you are so welcome Nancy. Equine therapy is also important to the MS community and to children with special needs so this is a cause near and dear to my heart. (As is all animal rescue!) Thanks for your comments.

  3. Helene Cohen Bludman

    What a wonderful cause! I have been a horse lover all my life so this organization really pulls at my heartstrings. So glad you are giving it visibility, Cathy!

  4. Diane

    I have felt that connection with horses many times. They have a gift for making problems seem . . . insignificant. How wonderful that Cris recognized that and does such a great job of making it available to many who would never get the chance. Both by saving the horses and by getting the horses and people together. Good work, Cris! And all who work with her!
    Diane recently posted…To Gramma’s HouseMy Profile

  5. Ruth Curran

    I love that you chose an organization that was so near and dear to your heart and then took that up another notch! This organization is not just about helping animals but helping animals help people!!! How incredibly cool is that! Nicely done and I hope your efforts help raise both funds and awareness for this amazing cause!

    1. Post author

      Oh, how wonderful, Lois. They are gorgeous animals and help so many, including the disability community, children with special needs and anyone with any therapeutic need.

      I wish I had experience with horses, but short of that I hope my post will help Full Circle.

  6. Jackie

    I think Giving Tuesday is a wonderful thing. Congratulations on being chosen as an Ambassador for this worthwhile event! (Wow! I really have friends in high places, LOL!)

    It has been very interesting reading the posts of folks who are involved in this organization. I’ve learned a great deal about organizations that I knew nothing about. Usually I just throw my money at public television. I may have to rethink that.
    Jackie recently posted…Enjoy the BecomingMy Profile

    1. Post author

      I learned about Giving Tuesday from others, Jackie, and when I got the email to apply I jumped. Anyone can apply – perhaps you want to do so next year! You sure learn a lot about the ways others are so giving and passionate. It’s been a heartwarming experience.

  7. Elin Stebbins Waldal

    What a fantastic group, I am a huge horse lover. The idea that the horses are rescued is the best. When I was a kid my Mom rescued a horse, she needed a surgery and a great deal of love. I can say 100% that the time, money and love my parents gave to her was worth every cent. She was a sweet horse and remained in our family well into my 20’s. Thank you for featuring Full Circle, Cathy.
    Elin Stebbins Waldal recently posted…Potato Cinnamon Rolls RecipeMy Profile

    1. Post author

      I love horses but have no experience with them, Elin. What a beautiful story and I’m so glad you shared it with me.

      Horses are very therapeutic for people with disabilities and children with special needs. They are gorgeous animals and I wish I did have experience with them.

      One of my best friends also works with horses in FL with the developmentally disabled and it’s a noble effort.

      Good for your mom. I feel I am really getting to know her through your stories. I know I would have loved her, Elin. Extraordinary.

  8. Cris Pemberton

    As I read through the kind and supportive comments by all of the horse lovers responding to Cathy’s story the Magic of Horses is the common thread that ties us all together. Everyone has either been touched and healed by horses or they have seen them serve to change and enrich the lives of someone else they know and love. The horses and all that they are, and all that they do are the reason FCERC exists. Myself and all the wonderful people who are helping make FCERC a reality, not just a dream, are all working together for the good of the horses and to bring their magic to others. With the cost of owning and caring for a horse constantly on the rise there are more and more horses in need of a safe place to go. My involvement with horses led me to #GivingTuesday which led me to Cathy which has led me to everyone here. Thank you for the validation that FCERC is on the right track and that horses and people will benefit from the services our organization is striving to provide.
    Cris Pemberton recently posted…Share the joy of Giving TuesdayMy Profile

    1. Post author

      Thank you for your lovely words, Cris. You don’t need validation from us! (Though thank you for it!)

      You are doing so much good. Every horse you rescue is thankful as is each person their life touches. So keep up the great work you are doing to make a positive impact on the world!

  9. Deb

    Through my volunteer work with Naples Equestrian Challenge, I’ve seen first hand how equine therapy is very healing and impactful on the lives of those with disabilities and emotional challenges. Keep up the wonderful work Cris and Full Circle. <3

    1. Post author


      When Cris approached me you were the person I thought about, and I told her about you and your work as well! You both are doing extraordinary programs with horses – such magnificent animals. Big hearts doing big things to help the lives of animals and people. There’s nothing better than that. I respect and admire you for it, Debra Beth. xoxo

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