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It’s Time To Tell The Truth

I’m sure you’ve been waiting impatiently to find out what I was lying about yesterday. I hope your day went smoothly despite your curious nature chipping away at you while you wondered about my lie. I hope I didn’t disturb your day too much.


I’d like to thank my fellow liars-in-crime (whose blogs I’ll be heading over to because I’m dying to find out what they were lying about!): Doreen, Elin, Lois, Angela, Mary B, Elaine, Linda, Jackie, and Jamie. Remind me to never get in a poker game with any of you.

Before I reveal my answers, l want to pause a moment to reflect where I was 26 years ago today. Because as I type this post I am wearing a turtleneck, sweatshirt, sweat pants and wool socks because it’s f-r-e-e-z-i-n-g outside. Here is where I was. Beam me back over there now, Scotty!

reveal truth lie

November 21, 1988: Our honeymoon. You don’t see water that color at the Jersey shore. I want to go back there now!

Finally, here’s the big reveal from yesterday’s post:

1. TRUE: I wrote in the past that while working for a large real estate firm in Manhattan I was the token Jersey Girl with a car. So I (naively) said yes to driving to all 5 boroughs to conduct closings. I got to know a married attorney who represented many buyers. He wanted to “thank me” (translation: have a fling) and propositioned me at lunch at the 4-star restaurant, Lutece. I was very young, and in retrospect I wish I flung a glass of wine at him and left, but I stayed for the entire uncomfortable meal. Back at the office I was flustered and told my boss who became outraged and took care of the situation. Let’s just say I never saw that man again.

2. TRUE: During lunch hour from the same real estate firm I was walking down Sixth Avenue when a camera crew approached me. They wanted people on the street to ask questions for Mayor Koch for that evening’s 6 o’clock news. At that time people were clamoring for him to lower taxes, so I asked him to lower them. I knew I’d never make it home in time to see the program, so I called my brother and he recorded it on his SONY Betamax. I wish I could watch it today!

3. TRUE: My new boyfriend and I were invited to a black tie New Year’s Eve party and I wanted to impress him and his friends, but I didn’t know how. After discussing it with my mother, we decided to approach one of her friend’s who was a master chef/baker. Oh, what a foolish girl I was! I told everyone at the party that I made the cake!! Unfortunately one of the guests was a professional caterer, and she gave me her card and offered me a job. That lie ended up smacking me in the face and I more than deserved it. The guy ended up being a total jerk. I learned some very powerful life lessons that evening.

4. TRUE: I’ve told the story before about a friend of mine working on a film and inviting me onto the set to meet Harold Ramis (loved), Robert DeNiro (too busy getting into character) and Billy Crystal. A little background: My friend was the first one to introduce me to bacon (at age 16) because I wasn’t allowed to eat anything from a pig. When her mom found out she made me a BLT she said she’d end up in Hell! So my friend told Billy Crystal this story and he laughed, and then struck up a conversation with me about keeping kosher and using one set of dishes for meat and the other for dairy He was endearing and hysterically funny.

5. FALSE: Many of you said you believed the story about getting to the tropical island, but not about loving the small airplane. You were so right! That tiny plane carried around 30 people and I swore I would die as a newlywed. I felt nauseous when we landed. I dislike small planes and I definitely have a fear of heights.

Our luggage didn’t arrive with us, so there we were in this beautiful oasis in our heavy winter clothing. Oy vey. Thank goodness the suitcases arrived later that day. We grabbed our suits and headed to the water. Ahh. All’s well that ends well.

6. TRUE: One summer my friend and I did work on an assembly line. It was the most boring job I ever had. On top of that, we were grouped with the full-time ladies who hated us because they knew we’d be heading back to college in August and they’d still be there. It didn’t help that one of the young men had a crush on my friend, and one of the assembly ladies had a crush on him. Nice little soap opera, eh? (By the way, Mary Bird, I really don’t know the name of the widget or appliance because I don’t remember what we worked on! It was a long time ago. Ah, memory….Ha!)

This was a lot of fun! Thanks a lot for playing.

25 thoughts on “It’s Time To Tell The Truth

  1. Claudia Schmidt

    Fun post! I worked on an assembly one line one summer for about 3 weeks and it was the most boring job I’d ever had to do in my entire life, I literally was falling asleep while doing the work! I had a new found respect for factory workers after that, it’s really hard work. Love the picture of you at the beach, look at you in your sexy little bathing suit! xo
    Claudia Schmidt recently posted…I Used To Do Life, Now I Experience LifeMy Profile

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Lisa.

      That is the first, last and ONLY time you will see a picture of me in any bathing suit. EVER! I forgot about that suit. Part of my trousseau I guess. Ah, love to be there now. Big hugs to you girlfriend.

    1. Post author

      Of course you were right, Lolo (love that name) because you know me well, right? I hate small planes and I’m afraid of heights. One very bad, fast taxi driver in the mountains of Spain showed me that. Poor Gary sitting next to me…

      You really are the Manager of People Trying To Do Their Hardest To Get Cathy Chester To Live In San Diego! That last crack about sunshine – AGHHHHHH! 🙂 xo

  2. Ellen Dolgen

    Wow…you have some great stories! I think we have all done the “cake fake”. You get burned on that one once and realize it is not worth it. So what if you didn’t make it – you did bring it! I am not crazy about small planes either…and I lost my luggage 18 years ago. they found my bag after a month – it had one shoe in it. Everything else was stolen. I have never checked a bag since!
    Ellen Dolgen recently posted…Menopause and Hair Loss—A Parting of the WaysMy Profile

    1. Post author

      Oh, I would have hated that, Estelle! I used to take People’s Express (Remember them? They were $20 each way from NJ to Boston!) or I drove. Thank goodness.

      But one bad trip in Spain when Gary and I needed a cab along the coastline, I thought I’d pass out. My fear of heights began, then later on of little planes. I hope that’s it for fears!

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