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Our Love Is Here To Stay: Happy 61st Anniversary

Anniversary Heart

 “Life is the flower for which love is the honey.” ~Victor Hugo

In life there is nothing as important as making a lasting commitment to someone you love.  George Gershwin said it best:

 “The radio and the telephone
And the movies that we know
May just be passing fancies,
And in time may go!

But, oh my dear,
Our love is here to stay.” ~Our Love is Here to Stay

Yesterday my parents celebrated their 61st wedding anniversary.  I tip my hat to them for the love, respect and commitment they’ve shared over the years.  They endured for one simple reason: love.  

Mom and Dad

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad!

Our family is doubly blessed.  My in-laws were married one week before my parents.  They endured for the same reason as my parents.

Mom and Dad Chester

Happy Anniversary, Mom and Dad Chester

Happy 61st anniversary to all of you.  You have set an extraordinary example for your children and grandchildren.  We are blessed to learn from your example.  Happy Days..



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16 thoughts on “Our Love Is Here To Stay: Happy 61st Anniversary

    1. Cathy Chester Post author


      How marvelous – 64 years! A true achievement and a joyous blessing.

      Thanks for your lovely comments. I sincerely appreciate it.


    1. Cathy Chester Post author

      Thank you, Nora. It’s marvelous to be surrounded by such love.

      Thank you for reading my post and leaving your lovely comments.


  1. Cookie and Irwin

    Hi Cathy,

    Mazel Tov to all! What a beautiful picture of your parents!

    Love to everyone. Cookie and Irwin

    1. Cathy Chester Post author

      My dearest Cookie and Irwin,

      Oh! How wonderful to hear from you. Of course, you knew my parents way back when, before I was born. We’ve shared so many sweet memories with you and your entire family. Another blessing is for me to hear from you on this marvelous occasion.

      Take good care, and thanks so much for leaving your thoughtful comments on my blog. I hope you are both well.

      Love to you both,

    1. Cathy Chester Post author

      Thank you! In this crazy world of ours, it’s lovely to have these very special celebrations..


    1. Cathy Chester Post author

      Thanks so very much, Karen! Love is everything, eh?

      Best to you always, and welcome back~

  2. Tim

    That is so wonderful to see especially in these times when divorce is so common. And so extra special that their anniversaries are that close together. Hope they get to see many more!

    1. Cathy Chester Post author

      Thank you, Tim! We are blessed with two sides of our family with long marriages, and a lot of love. My husband’s grandparents were 92 and 100 when they passed away. When we asked Grandpa the secret to a long, happy marriage he jokingly said, “Perseverance!” He was a funny man.

      Thanks for leaving your comment,

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