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How #Chico’s Clothing Makes Me Feel Beautiful

Dear Chico’s~

I know it’s unusual for someone to write you an open letter but I have reasons that, if you’ll hear me out, makes complete sense.

I live with what they call an “invisible Illness,” an incurable disease that I’ve had for more than half of my life. When people see me they don’t know I have Multiple Sclerosis because I look fine. But numbness, weakness, fatigue, dizziness, pain and bladder issues silently plague me every day.


My Chico’s outfit was the perfect choice for celebrating Thanksgiving with my in-laws in Florida

But life goes on and so must I. I dedicate myself to three things that make my life complete: Family, friends and work. All three make me grateful to be alive, and help me stay positive in spirit and moving forward.


I loved wearing this comfortable dress for a Saturday night wedding. I received many compliments along with the question, “Where did you purchase it?” (My necklace is also from Chico’s)

But life became difficult for me in ways I never imagined. After my diagnosis I didn’t feel as beautiful as I used to both inside and out. Pieces of me began to fade away and my self-image took a nosedive. I gained weight from side effects of medications and I was unable to exercise because of my new normal. Enter anxiety and self-doubt.


Chico’s makes it easy to decide what to pack for professional events. I feel comfortable and confident in every outfit I wear.


This fun luncheon lasted a few hours and I felt very stylish in my Chico’s outfit.

In my late twenties when I was diagnosed gravity hadn’t invaded my body, and my waistline hadn’t expanded yet. Even after the birth of my son at age thirty-four my body easily bounced back to my pre-pregnancy weight. Fitting back into my regular clothes wasn’t a problem. I still felt reasonably good about myself.


I love the vibrant colors of my blouses from Chico’s. Their long length looks super over capris. They make lunch out with the ladies or theatre with friends more colorful!

When I was in my forties and my body began to change I was thrilled to find Chico’s. Your clothing helped me me feel more beautiful again. That’s no small feat.


When my husband and I found out we were going to be interviewed for TV by financial journalist Jean Chatzky I ran to Chico’s for advice on what to wear. You did not disappoint. I loved my purchase of this long vest, cowl neck and beautiful necklace. They gave me confidence to be myself.


This Chico’s blouse was perfect for a patient advocate event I attended in Miami.

From your Traveler’s Collection that never needs ironing – I love no fuss, no muss clothing for business trips when I don’t have time to worry about ironing – to your SoSlim pants that are the best fitting jeans I’ve ever owned, you make my life easier, stylish and more colorful!


A fun work event was made even better while wearing my elegant Chico’s jewelry and Travelers pants, camisole and jacket!

A video of my closet would prove I’m not exaggerating about my love affair with Chico’s. Your styles compliment my curvy figure and I can mix and match my blouses, vests, trousers, jeans, skirts and dresses in countless ways.

They always make me feel like a million bucks.

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My photos from the past few years illustrate MY LIFE WITH CHICO’S. Thank you for making me feel good about myself again, and for helping me take the DIS out of ABILITY.

NOTE: I was not paid to write this post. All opinions are, as always, completely my own. I wrote it to let others know how comfortable Chico’s is. Each piece is easy to care for and with its high quality material it lasts for years. Chico’s clothing is simpler to put on and take off (more than any other clothing I own), making them the perfect choice for the disability and midlife communities.


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29 thoughts on “How #Chico’s Clothing Makes Me Feel Beautiful

  1. Anne

    Hi Cathy,
    As one of your sales associates at Chico’s, I thank you for your endorsement! It is always a pleasure shopping with you!
    My Best,
    Anne Bushell

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Anne! I appreciate the way you’ve taken care of me while at my favorite store! You give it that extra special something when I’m shopping. Thank you for that, and for leaving your lovely comment.

      Best to you~

  2. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Love love love! Love the way you dress — you always look so put together! And love Chico’s, one of my very favorite places to buy clothes as well. I hope Chico’s notices this post and thanks you for your years of patronage!

  3. Leanne

    It must be wonderful to have a store that meets so many of your fashion needs. Midlife is a tricky time where we’re not as skinny or as “pert” as we used to be, but we can still rock a great outfit – and you did that wonderfully in so many of those photos!

  4. Laurie Stone

    Cathy, I love this so much! You look beautiful in each picture and tell your story in such a human, poignant way. Better watch out or Chico’s will be making you a spokeswoman. I also love their clothes, especially slacks. They know their market, mature women who want to look chic. You hit the mark, my dear.
    Laurie Stone recently posted…If Our Bed Could TalkMy Profile

  5. Sasha Johns

    I worked for Chico’s for about 5 years, but left about 8 years ago when I became a mom for the third time. I still have pieces from when I worked there that have held up this entire time. I loved helping customers there. It was so much fun to help women feel beautiful.

    1. Post author

      Thanks, Terri! I think they did read it because they shared in on their FB page. I was so honored. I want to let everyone know that disability doesn’t mean the end of being fashionable or feeling beautiful. Chico’s was the first and only brand that makes me feel both. I really mean it. I don’t talk about fashion but I really do mean that this clothing line gave me back my self-image. Truly. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! xo

  6. Deb

    Your outfits from Chico’s are beautiful! Your sense of style is inspiring- It’s enhanced by your inner beauty my dear friend. xo

  7. Norma Mustian

    I, too, feel Chicos enables me to be attractive. I am on a walker and sometimes use a wheelchair. I have people telling me how great I look and I know it is because of the Chico clothing. Sometimes I wish it would show some wear as I find it last forever and I sometimes feel guilty for buying something new. But I am simply addicted to their styles.

  8. Nancy Wease

    Chicos is the only store I go to for my outfits. My mobility is very limited so it’s nice that the ladies will bring things to me that fit what I’m needing. My problem is that I love every outfit I see. It’s dangerous to my pocketbook. That’s not going to stop me.

  9. Bodynsoil

    Recently our local Chico’s store closed, it was a sad day for many shoppers. I agree with your feelings on their clothing line as I love all my pieces and get so many compliments when wearing them. I’ve been going through a lot as well. I haven’t discussed it publically but I’ve developed seizures which has put my life on hold while they work to discover the cause. Meanwhile I can’t drive, work, or live life as I knew it.
    Bodynsoil recently posted…ETP, Hydration, Women’s Issues with Jeff RothchildMy Profile

  10. Kathy Reagan Young

    Great post! Thanks so much for thinking about our community and how something seemingly so simple could make such a difference – both functionally and for our self-esteem – which can really take a hit thanks to the MonSter.

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