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Boomers: 3 Things For Added Comfort and Stability

Be comfortable. Feel secure. Age well. 

I love my perfect pillow to fall into every night. It’s molded exactly the way I like it. I look forward to my cup of morning joe (perfectly brewed in my Keurig with a pod of Green Mountain Hazelnut and a dash of Trader Joe’s soy creamer) that provides the perfect jolt of caffeine every morning.


During the course of a day I also rely on other things that give me comfort, stability, and a feeling of, “ahh, that feels so g-o-o-d!” Here are 3 of them.

A few years ago I became acquainted with Evolution Activewear, a company selling comfortable yoga pants with built-in knee pads. I fell in love with this creative idea because I not only need extra stability while practicing yoga (loss of balance from MS) but I also use extra blankets for added cushioning to protect my knees. These pants are so comfortable and look so good that I wish I could wear them everywhere every day! Take a look at their site and check them out.


I’m practicing my Red Carpet stance that I see others doing. First place your left hand on your hip and then add some attitude and smile! How’d I do? Okay, I’m working on it!

With the heat of the summer and the hot flashes of menopause I’m always searching for new and better ways to stay cool. I was thrilled to come across coldfront, an on-the-go set of 3 cool gel packs that come with a wicking cloth and sturdy carrying case.  I loved how easy and convenient they were to use this summer. I threw them in my purse or beach bag and they were ready to use whenever I needed them. They really worked! I’d recommend these to everyone in need of some nice, soothing c-o-o-l relief.

When my husband turned 50 it was his choice to visit the Canadian Rockies to celebrate his birthday. We flew to Calgary and then drove north to Banff, Lake Louise and finally onto Jasper. It was one of the most breathtakingly beautiful vacations we ever had. While hiking one day, I noticed a couple who were using walking sticks. I immediately realized how helpful these would be to enhance stability and lend great support on any terrain. Then I read my friend Pat McKinzie’s blog x-Pat Files From Overseas post about walking sticks (“Step Into Wellness With Walking Sticks”) and I learned even more about the health benefits of using these sticks.

That’s something to think about as we age.

I bought a pair for myself and use them if I hike on more difficult terrain. (NOTE: I usually walk on paths that are flat, but once in awhile if I want to join friends or family who are hiking, I grab my poles for added security.)


I like the gloves for my hands on these poles, and the rubber bottoms to help grip any terrain

 As we age it’s important to find things that help us feel more secure and comfortable. What do you use?

NOTE: I received a pair of Evolution Activewear pants and a package of coldfront gel packs for writing this post. As always, all opinions are completely my own.

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34 thoughts on “Boomers: 3 Things For Added Comfort and Stability

  1. Ines Roe

    I too have things that make me feel comfortable and secure. I love my robe and my PJ. After a long day I long to come home and change into them. It makes my world feel more secure. I am going to have look into the Yoga pants to make my days feel that way too.

  2. Pat

    Wow, Cathy, you look like you have a deluxe pair of walking sticks. I also have my favorite pillow and coffee to help jump start my day. Like you, I found that I need my comforts to get through the day and keep the pain at bay. Loved all of your suggestions.I am so honored that you mentioned my blog on your page. Merci beaucoup!
    Pat recently posted…Step into Wellness with Walking SticksMy Profile

  3. Sheryl

    I love all of your suggestions. There’s nothing more comforting that the perfect pillow to rest your head on after a long day. The pants and walking sticks are also perfect for getting out into the world and staying comfy and safe!
    Sheryl recently posted…Keeping Up is Hard To DoMy Profile

  4. Carol Cassara

    We also loved our Canadian Rockies vacation & I have been a fan of walking sticks for years. In fact, I’m bringing them to Sicily just because we’ll be climbing around Greek ruins. At this age I just do not want to fall. 63 is not old, but I am not interested in knee or hip surgery. I like the stability poles provide and I see them all over Europe.
    Carol Cassara recently posted…A new study showsMy Profile

  5. Helene Cohen Bludman

    Great suggestions, Cathy! Love the yoga pants with the enforced knee pads. I’m thinking these would be terrific for gardening.

    1. Joan Kottler

      Hi There,

      Yoga and More Pants with Kneeotech are great for gardening. I personally can’t garden without them. I originally innovated them for yoga, but I soon found that they had enormous cross over application. I have a customer with Rheumatoid Arthritis who wears them for just about everything. She says that they not only comfort and support her knees while practicing yoga, but they help to track her knees while walking, taking mild hikes, moving about the house etc.

      Aside from the function, they look great on. Just take a look at Cathy. I think she looks terrific in them.


  6. kim tackett

    The only thing I am really picky about is my coffee. And my coffee mugs. Which means I have to travel with a tea kettle, a drip system and my own mugs (and my own coffee of course). It’s kind of a hassle, but we have the system down, and I am ALWAYS grateful in the morning.
    kim tackett recently posted…post it note philosophyMy Profile

  7. Kathy Radigan

    You totally got me with the cold packs!!!!!! I should just invest in the company now!! I get so hot that my family is just use to living in a meat locker, they know better to say anything. Love this idea!! Thanks!!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted…The Best Lesson I Ever LearnedMy Profile

  8. Joy

    I agree, Cathy, that finding things around us to make us more comfortable and feel soothed, no matter how seemingly insignificant, are important. They make our days more manageable. I agree that having great pillows are important. I also love my quilted blankie in the bedroom cos it offers the right amount of heat and feels so soft. I also fall back on one Lindt truffle when I feel really exhausted and want a treat! And then I have my trusted knee-brace for when I feel my osteoarthritis acting up. It’s not for everyday but when I do need it, it delivers! Ah, the joys of aging! 😉
    Joy recently posted…PerspectiveMy Profile

  9. Haralee

    Hiking poles are very hip. I was coming down a steep trail and thought if I was skiing I could just zig zag and whoosh be down in a few seconds but on dry loose dirt I knew I was going to end up on my butt so that is how I got down. Next day I bought a pair of hiking poles that have removable tips for cement or dirt!
    Oh Haralee.Com Sleepwear for comfort of course!

  10. Ruth Curran

    Comfort is so important and something that I just did not pay attention to until I started to age. Right now I could really use some of the cold front packs as our heat wave continues! Great products and suggestions Cathy!

    1. Post author

      Heat, eh Ruth? It’s in the fifties here, and I already miss the summer weather. The leaves are falling and I’m begrudgingly letting go of summer. I know what you’re going to say. I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. Well, go ahead and use those cold packs, and I’ll catch up to you next summer! xo

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